Training of experienced interpreter colleagues, and those who are aspiring, is another area we focus on.  We run unique workshops relating to working in Theatre and large-scale events.  We are also developing training for theatre makers who do already, or who would like to work with interpreters and the Deaf community.

linguistpd-logoIn October, I ran a webinar with LinguistPD on Performance Interpreting. It is available as a recording from their website

‘Spirits of the Fourth Wall’ – Workshops for aspiring event/theatre interpreters and for those who already have experience and want to improve their skill and knowledge base.  The workshops are run on various dates throughout the year, please get in touch for further information.


In July, we ran a workshop in conjunction with Sean Jones, Mickey from Blood Brothers. This was a great success and we are looking to develop closer working with theatre professionals.

Here’s what previous delegates have said:

“It was so nice to attend a session with such a different, honest and positive atmosphere. Thank you all.”

“I thought it was such a great day with real life anecdotes I could relate to! Very supportive, funny and inclusive!”