Remember that video that went viral, ‘The town that learned sign language’?

Derby has the largest Deaf community outside of London

Well, Derby has the largest Deaf sign language using community outside of London (BDA Report, Access to Services for Deaf People, 2014). We are further ahead than many cities when it comes to being accessible for Deaf people.

The general public of Derby is more aware than in other cities of the existence of Deaf people and how they communicate. Next time you go out, how many sign language users do you see?

We have a vision

We have a vision. Natalie from DerbyDaysOut.co.uk and I want Derby to be proud of having a large Deaf community.

whats-on-in-derbyWe are going to have an event, an event, which will bring the Deaf community, the business community and the general public together. An event to showcase the uniqueness of Derby, which other cities can learn from.

Have a story to tell?

Deaf people with a story to tell – your experiences of living in Derby/Derbyshire good, bad, funny, serious. Let us know.

Deaf friendly business?

We want to celebrate those people who go the extra mile to communicate. Which shops or businesses are Deaf friendly?

Is there a bus driver, a nurse or another individual who takes the time to make themselves understood? Are you that person?

Can you sign?

If you’re learning to sign, what made you interested?

Get involved

Want to get involved? Got ideas of what we can do?

SG_00001_Icon_Black-Background_FullContact us:

Sarah Gatford – hello@sarahgatford.co.uk

Natalie Bamford – natalie@derbydaysout.co.uk