Seamless Interpreting Ramblings 2 – We are but shadows…..

Well, December was busy, it always is. Just as everyone else is winding down for the festive season, us performance interpreters go into top…

Seamless Interpreting Ramblings 1

Seamless Interpreting Ramblings 1


What’s it all about, this ‘Interpreting’ thing we do? We’d like to say it’s about communication and being human. At times,…


Remember that video that went viral, ‘The town that learned sign language’?

Derby has the largest Deaf community outside of London

Well, Derby has the largest…

The Illusion of Inclusion – Performance Interpreting

Performance interpreting often generates two phrases from audience members and cast alike.

‘That looked so beautiful, I’m always mesmerised watching you.’

‘I’ve always wanted to learn…