About Sarah

Sarah Gatford image - Double Exposure Photo: Ashley Erdman

I'm a Coach Practitioner passionate about supporting people like you. I'm on my journey of discovery, finding the good stuff in life, the things that make me smile and the things that make the tough days a little brighter. It's an ongoing mission and undoubtedly worth completing; it's never too late to get started and find what you love.

My experience and expertise match my enthusiasm for helping others to reach their full potential. With thirty years as a British Sign Language/English interpreter under my belt, I'm no stranger to one-to-one chats and am familiar with working on a far larger scale. I'm well aware that making communication accessible is a necessary step to any form of self-development or growth. I intend to reduce barriers that often limit success by explaining overly complicated terminology or accommodating your individual needs. My career has a continuous thread within it, one of creating spaces where voices can be heard.

Similarly, the diverse groups I have worked with in the past and continue to work with today have allowed me to develop an inclusive, accepting space, meaning my work takes an intersectional approach. We are all three-dimensional, complex people, and everyone is welcome in the space I've created.

My priority is getting to know you. We are all unique and need different approaches to help us succeed. I acknowledge that our gifts, talents, and downfalls are not the same, and I offer a tailored experience best fitting your needs and your life. Only by getting to know one another and genuinely building a good rapport can inspiration and change happen, no matter where your starting point may be. My people-centred perspective leads to an authentic experience that will help you bring valuable changes to your life.

With all this knowledge, skills, and a friendly smile, I'm ready and well-equipped to help you boost your energy and tweak your mindset, putting you on a path to becoming your best self.